Love Yourself, Change The Vocabulary

White represents what we, as humans, constantly tell ourselves.

What if we replaced that vocabulary with a constantly thriving and positive mindset -the orange?

I have carried and birthed a child, I have crossed a half marathon finish line, I am able to get up every morning and work hard for what I have, I am able to play with my daughter, I am able to hold conversations by my husband who loves me for who I am.

Why do we always want more?

We are constantly thriving for something else, as if we aren’t enough. We are perfect, God made us in his image, he owns us and we are borrowed on this earth to enjoy. It makes me sad the things I saw to Kirbee already about her sweet baby rolls and how I need to stop this right now before she ingrains those words into her own flesh. How she believes what she hears about herself. How she will lose self love. Life, on earth, without self love is a loss at best. What will we enjoy on this beautiful, God given place, if we cannot at first even love ourselves?

Will you join me and replace vocabulary words you find demeaning?!

What to eat, when to eat, how much and how little.

Oh don’t we wish we knew the answer?

Getting into a new lifestyle you could read about it for days.

-eat a half hour of waking

-fast every morning until 11am

-do fasted cardio

-eat something before workouts to boost metabolism

-DONT workout at night

-ONLY workout in the morning

That’s a turnoff for this lifestyle right there! How about:

“Do what’s best for YOU”

I have played around with new ideas. Some work at certain times of my life, different ones at different times. As long as you are elevating your heart rate (building a strong heart) and eating 80% clean I would say you are GOLDEN.

Recently, however, I have been TRYING failing to try fasting until 11 am. I have done some research behind intermittent fasting (letting your body go 16 hours WITHOUT calories to eat more fat away, use that time to BUILD in all areas). There’s just a lot of science behind this that I like. Waiting to eat is HARD, especially when I’m up at 4:30. Thats kind of my main reasoning. To teach myself that I don’t need 5 breakfasts before lunchtime comes. Whoops. It’s actually been going ok and I really do like it. Is it feasible for my summertime routine? No, because we eat later with the sun up and go out to restaurants more often. So summertime to me is “whatever” because I know Im healthy and I know I’m working out (because I’m insane without it).

However, PLEASE don’t live off 1200 calories. IF you are active, you NEED more than that. I also REALLLLLLLY like IIFYM! (finding what the macros you NEED are, getting to eat what you please) I have LOST my urge to binge, as I know I get what I am craving 🙂

So, happy researching…and just do something “better” every day 🙂

Here’s some links that I like; intermittent fasting, “does cardio make you fat?“, opinions on what to eat, and whenWhen to workout

Love, Ashton

Life’s Excuses; or Life’s Purpose?

This post will be raw, human and real.

Frankly, I could give excuses…but if it meant enough to me I’d get it done. My daughter had a major double ear infection {again} and her ‘cold’ I thought she had progressed and the poor little thing was spiking fevers again and just gunked up. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and dad to Kirbee that kept insisting on taking her in. I was hesitant because she just finished up antibiotics from an ear infection 10 days before that! I was sure it was just the cold that we all have waiting to pass…well, it was. But her head directs all the junk to her ears, like I used to, causing ear infections. Tubes are looking like a future possibility for us.

With that all being said, I can keep saying “I don’t have time”. Well yesterday, I knew I had to take her to the doctor RIGHT after work, therefore not allowing me to get my needed training run in. I could have gotten up and done cardio in the morning, but truthfully…I was content with sitting and drinking my coffee again, slowly. I have lost my drive for morning workouts, and I am ok with that.

I did do a quick arm session on one of my breaks, and Kirbee has been sleeping well with this bug actually so I’m not sleep deprived- and so I could have got a great one in last night when she went to bed as well.


But to be honest, I just loved holding her. God is telling me to slow down a little bit, and just watch her. Watch her literally grow. She was trying to put her own pants on yesterday…um, what? She’s my BABY…

We had a great time cuddling last night. She was just laying with me and chatting away, sipping her milk, sitting up and looking at me and then she would smile. She started honking my nose and we would giggle. And in that moment, it was just absolutely 100% perfect and I am so glad I was fully there. My brain wasn’t worried about what to do, what I should do or what all I have to do. I was present ❤

Where am I going with all of this? As Ecc. 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” AMEN. FULLY engage on your intended task, don’t have half here; half there.


In the end, what’s going to matter? God will give me my perfect body in heaven. Does it mean I should sit down with a bag of Doritos and waste life away, absolutely not. God made this body and Jesus died for it…I am created to live in it and take care of it. But frankly, I’m pretty proud of my habits, and so there is no need to obsess over it. I am designed to help others find health and a love for life, as I did.



“Walk Until You Walk Free”

walkI am so blessed to have been given a group of ladies put together to study the book Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson.

This was a line from our previous chapter we studied. I loved it.

“Walk until you walk free” -Susie Larson
Don’t hold on to your past. God does not want it. He is there to forgive you from everything you’ve done, everything you will do and everything that hinders you along the way.

Keep your eyes on his path for you and continue to walk forward. You may not think there’s freedom in sight, but keep walking
Whatever you’re going through, 
I hope this helps someone.

Love, Ashton

Your Due Season

Lately I have been ‘ho hum’ with life again.

So then it got me thinking. Where’s my passion? I was talking with my husband and we had an amazing talk about this. He said, “it’s just this time of the year and we always start feeling burnt out” which is true. In MN this time of the year, we can’t get outside, days are short, mornings are long…it just gets to be pretty depressing. But I feel there is more. And Im going to pray and continue to find my purpose in life. Pray, that if I’m supposed to be teaching, that my husband and I end up in the same place…and happy.

Another part of me found a wonderful opportunity in life to help my other passion; in the fitness industry. Besides my Beachbody business and my personal training- both of which have taken off quite a lot faster than I had imagined- I found a new genre to help and I can’t wait to watch this passion unfold. I want my kids to see me as strong, driven, determined, leader, goal oriented and successful and to put my daughter to bed every night and think this just lights a new fire within me.

So it brings me to ask you; are you fulfilling your purpose. We have a limited number of days on this earth and I’ll be darned if I regret any of them. Always move forward!

If you are wondering the same as I am, I will pray for you, as I am for me, to find and fulfill our purpose.

Love, Ashtonkidfit

Social Media Mind Games

This has been on my mind a lot lately. How media has corrupted up and made us “want more, want what she has, shop here, shop there, eat this, go buy these groceries”

This hits me because I see a cute shirt while searching my weakness hashtag #teacherstyle…Also, as I look at clean recipes I feel I NEED to go get those groceries ASAP to eat like “them”.

My mindset completely shifted this last week and began to think, “wait, what?”

My husband and I are setting up a 2015 budget, we are going to ROCK and OWN our student loans (his student loans…) so I realized I can’t be buying these fun glamorous clothes to dress cute (but to simply use my closet to recreate that outfit I had already), I also can’t be getting this fancy paleo flours, sugars, etc. but I can eat/healthy/TASTY with cheap tuna, eggs and oatmeal! 🙂

So here is my thought, we don’t look the happiest.

perfectlifeThis was a rough day. My husband and I are both very stubborn so when something bothers another we don’t like to fess up it’s “my” fault. I, however, do like to talk things out (what? I’m a female…) and he completely clams up.

So there was tension with us on this day. We were watching the Superbowl, and I wanted a family selfie. Kirbee is bossing already, Taylor never smiles, so it looked like my perfect little family. I was going to post this glamorous post and I did say “one happy family” but it was sarcastic for this reason.

How many people are PERFECT behind the scenes of their social media page? You can post a cute coffee cup as you’re under a cute blankie (maybe about to go to work but no one knows) and instantly people see that picture and ‘want that”. We no longer want to go to work, and work hard, but to want to earn the title to stay home.

We follow fitness gals, boom we want abs.

We follow “perfect” Christian role models and then we are feeling guilty for not living a perfect life like them. (psst. they’re not perfect, and it’s OK that you aren’t either!)

My moral of this blabble, live your life…be you. You can only be the best you that you can be. You will never be someone else. Instead of me mad that I have to go to work, I am GRATEFUL for a job that is great to work around with family, with benefits and for a job period. I have had such a better outlook in my classroom and it affected EVERYONE in that room. My passion is back.

**I will also continue my side passion of fitness/training and coaching!! 😉

Please. keep your eyes focused on YOUR goals. And don’t let life make you look left or right. Keep moving forward, and remember there is a scene behind the social media.

Love, Ashton

Clean Eats :: Superbowl snacks

So as I was listening to my amazing mentor in life, Chalene Johnson… she reminded me that American’s may not gain ‘holiday’ weight but it might be more like ‘football season AND holiday weight’.

So, for the Superbowl you simply SIT, watch and well, eat. Right? Most things you eat are packed in a jar or a bag FULL of preservatives, chemicals and JUNK. Why not make something homemade. If you are the host, heck- FILL that house with things you want to eat. Don’t cater to the guests. It’s their problem they want all the junk.

If you are the guest, simply bring a healthy snack to share (because you shouldn’t come empty handed) then you know there is something for you there too.

Here are some great ideas.

First, for my sweet craving lifers- there is a great pudding recipe at my bestie’s page, here.

Next, I love to have a single serving snack of mug cakes. I roughly add a 1/2 c oats, 1 egg/ 2 whites, tsp baking powder, 1tsp vanilla, maybe some chocolate chips- duh, into a mug sprayed with nonstick oil. Then I top it with Pb and plain Greek Yogurt or PB2 and yogurt 🙂

For a crunch, I LOVE LOVE LOVE air popped popcorn. You know those brown paper bags you pack your lunch in? Well I add about 1/3 cup yellow kernels and fold the bag over twice and microwave until about 2-3 seconds before another pop. Add some delicious popcorn seasoning! I approve it!popcorn <—-

Guacamole…Simply mash an avocado and throw in maybe some Rotel or salsa…why add all the junk?

MY FAVORITE- buffalo chicken dip. I added up what my recipe usually calls for and divided it in half {which is usually 8oz cream cheese, 1 cup Ranch, 1 cup Franks Buffalo Sauce and 1 large can of chicken} and my HALF of that was 655 calories. NOT counting chips and everything you then dip into it.


I simply replaced the RANCH with plain Greek Yogurt and it went to 355 cals! Then I dip carrots!! 🙂

Roasted Chickpeas- great protein and super crunch!

Rinse a can of chick peas, toss them in a little oil and seasoning (salt and pepper will do) and roast until crispy

Protein Gluten Free Brownies- these look amazing!

Ice cream could simply be frozen bananas, cocoa powder, Pb or add anything you like for flavor!

So there you have it, no excuses to binge on junk. It will only set you back!

Love, Ashton

21 Day Fix, getting ready for bikini


So here it is, the Fix.

I have tried, and failed…because mentally I was feeling deprived because Im eating wayyy too much. I wasn’t necessarily gaining weight, but I wasn’t feeling good about myself either. Now I am ready. I have a great support group, which is KEY! Let me help you!

I am more ready than I have ever been. I feel so comfortable only eat what my body NEEDS, and while budgeting at the same time it’s much cheaper than over eating…feeling gross AND wasting that money

The containers that come with the 21 Day Fix takes all the guess work out of portion control and your meal prep. It shows and teaches you what those portion controls truly look like so then for your new lifestyle you can have so much better judgement.

80:20 Rule- They say ‘abs are made in the kitchen’… it’s 80% food and 20% exercise. I am completely willing to give this a try so I can define the muscles I know are under there somewhere. Are you ready to chisel away?

It’s all a learning process to train your brain to not NEED those splurges always, but ye, it’s all about moderation.

NURSING MOMS WELCOME as well- I still am! (we just get to up our calorie intake by adding 300-500 CLEAN cals a day!)


Here was breakfast, and my 9:00 snack.

yellow of oatmeal and a tsp of natural peanut butter and then Vegan Shakeology (red) with a banana (purple)

For the day, for my small needs (which I will up on my intense workout days because I do not want to deprive my body) this is what Im allowed (and I get to pick the foods from these categories I like to build my own meal plan 🙂 )

3 greens (vegetables)

2 purples (fruit)

4 reds (protein)

2 yellows (carbs)

1 blue (cheese/avocado)

1 orange (fats/seeds/dressings)

2 tsp (oils, nut butters)

It is now 3:00 writing this and I have ate LESS than I usually do because I was a constant snacker, yet I am SATISFIED! I am so excited for myself this round. The hard part, and true test will be a restaurant. {because their portions are ridiculous and I am used to eating the WHOLE THING- ALWAYS!}

I WILL love myself in February….and forever. Ill be ready to run my half marathon having been ‘fueled’ right and I will be ready for my April vacation BEFORE crunch time…therefore I’ll STAY ready for bikini season before it’s here! 🙂

Love, Ashton



Here’s my promise to you, as long as you promise the same.

Find your balance. Every morning I’m going to write my days goals. 3 SMALL things I want to feel accomplished with. If I list every little thing I need to do I will go to bed unsatisfied EVERY night. 3 small tasks…

it will hold me accountable.

it will allow me to FOCUS and check in 100% to family time.


The other piece of this is finding balance in what I like better, workout in the evening so I can CRAVE my mornings of coffee and reading.


workout in the morning, get it down with, out of the way and be able to make a post on it so I motivate others to get theirs done throughout the day and enjoy my reading at night.

I know it is of very little relevance to you, but I would love your opinion.

If I help you ANY small amount by me getting my workout done in the morning and helping with your  motivation I would LOVE to help you and go back to it!

Leave a comment with your vote. I would REALLY appreciate it. I think it will, in turn, help me find a balance in life and know at least what to start my day with besides goals.